The History and Quality of White's Metal Detectors

White's is a company that has been manufacturing metal detectors for over 70 years. Founded by Ken White in the 1950s, the company has become a household name in the metal detecting world. White's detectors are known for their advanced technology and high-quality design. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the history of White's and the quality of their metal detectors.

The History of White's Metal Detectors

Ken White, the founder of White's, started the company in 1950 in Sweet Home, Oregon. His first metal detector was a modified Geiger counter, which he used to find lost coins and other treasures. Over the years, White's continued to innovate and improve their metal detectors, introducing new technologies and features. Today, White's produces a range of detectors for hobbyists and professionals alike, with models ranging from entry-level to advanced.

The Quality of White's Metal Detectors

One of the key features of White's metal detectors is their advanced discrimination settings. These settings allow users to filter out unwanted metals and focus on finding valuable targets. White's detectors also have a reputation for being durable and reliable, thanks to their high-quality design and construction. The company uses top-quality materials and components to ensure that their detectors can withstand the rigors of regular use.

White's Metal Detectors for Treasure Hunting

White's metal detectors are popular among treasure hunters for their advanced technology and ease of use. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced treasure hunter, White's has a detector that will suit your needs. The company's entry-level models are perfect for those just starting out, while their advanced models offer features like multiple search modes and wireless audio.


White's metal detectors have a long and storied history in the metal detecting world. From their humble beginnings in the 1950s to their current lineup of advanced detectors, White's has always been at the forefront of metal detecting technology. With their advanced discrimination settings and high-quality design, White's detectors are a top choice for treasure hunters all over the world.

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