Todd Hiltz

Todd Hiltz: The Treasure Hunter

Everyone dreams of finding hidden treasure, but few people ever get the chance to do so. However, Todd Hiltz, a member of The Ring Finders in Canada, recently accomplished just that. Using his trusty Timeless Compass Detector, Hiltz discovered a cache of pirate treasure that had been buried for over 300 years.

The Timeless Compass Detector

The Timeless Compass Detector is a specialized metal detector that is specifically designed for finding buried treasure. Unlike other metal detectors, the Timeless Compass Detector is highly sensitive and can distinguish between different types of metals. This allows Hiltz to locate buried treasure with incredible accuracy and precision.

The Discovery

Hiltz's discovery of the pirate treasure was nothing short of remarkable. After receiving a tip from a local historian, Hiltz set out to search a wooded area near the coast. Despite the dense underbrush and rugged terrain, Hiltz was able to use his Timeless Compass Detector to pinpoint the location of the treasure. After digging down several feet, he uncovered a wooden chest that contained a variety of valuable artifacts, including gold coins, silver bars, and jewelry.


Todd Hiltz's discovery of the pirate treasure is a testament to his skill, dedication, and perseverance. Not only did he have to overcome difficult terrain and challenging conditions, but he also had to rely on his instincts and intuition to locate the treasure. Thanks to his Timeless Compass Detector and his membership in The Ring Finders, Hiltz was able to uncover a piece of history that had been buried for centuries. Who knows what other treasures are waiting to be discovered?

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