Digger Dawn

Digger Dawn Finds Bronze Age Hoard with Fisher F75 Metal Detector

The hobby of metal detecting has been on the rise in recent years, with people from all walks of life pursuing the thrill of discovering hidden treasures from the past. Among these enthusiasts is Digger Dawn, a member of The Detectorists club in the UK who recently made an incredible discovery with her Fisher F75 metal detector.

The Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Digger Dawn credits her success to the Fisher F75 metal detector, which is known for its advanced features and ability to detect even the smallest objects buried deep underground. This detector is a popular choice among serious treasure hunters, as it is lightweight, easy to use, and comes equipped with a variety of search modes to suit different environments.

The Bronze Age Hoard

Using her Fisher F75, Digger Dawn was able to locate a Bronze Age hoard in the UK, consisting of several artifacts dating back to around 1000 BC. The hoard included a range of items such as axes, swords, and jewelry, all of which were buried in a field that had previously been farmland. The discovery has been hailed as a significant find, shedding new light on the culture and way of life of the people who lived in the area during the Bronze Age.

The Detectorists Club

Digger Dawn is a member of The Detectorists, a UK-based club that brings together metal detecting enthusiasts from around the country. The club provides a community for people who share a passion for the hobby, offering a space for members to share tips and tricks, swap stories, and go on group hunts. The club also promotes responsible metal detecting practices, encouraging members to obtain the necessary permissions and follow local laws and regulations.


Digger Dawn's discovery of the Bronze Age hoard is a testament to the thrill and excitement of metal detecting. With the right equipment and a passion for the hobby, anyone can uncover a piece of history that has been hidden for centuries. And with clubs like The Detectorists providing support and encouragement, there has never been a better time to take up the search for hidden treasure.

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