Dave Wise

Dave Wise (USA): Retro-Tech Classic

Dave Wise, a member of The Relic Runners club in the UK, has recently found a cache of Civil War-era artifacts. This discovery has made him a prominent figure in the world of relic hunting and has brought attention to his Retro-Tech Classic approach to the hobby.

Retro-Tech Classic

Retro-Tech Classic is a term coined by Dave Wise to describe his approach to relic hunting. It involves using vintage equipment and techniques to search for artifacts. His preference for older equipment stems from his belief that it is more reliable and easier to repair than newer technology. He also enjoys the challenge of using equipment that is not commonly used anymore.

The Cache of Civil War-era Artifacts

Dave Wise's most recent discovery was a cache of Civil War-era artifacts. The cache included a Confederate sword, a Union belt buckle, and a number of buttons and bullets. He found the artifacts while using a metal detector and a shovel at a site that had previously been searched by others. His discovery not only added to the historical record but also showcased the effectiveness of his Retro-Tech Classic approach.

The Relic Runners

Dave Wise is a member of The Relic Runners, a UK-based club dedicated to relic hunting. The club brings together enthusiasts from around the world and provides a platform for sharing information and experiences. The club also organizes events and competitions for its members. Dave Wise's recent discovery has brought attention to the club and its members, highlighting the importance of relic hunting as a hobby.


Dave Wise's Retro-Tech Classic approach to relic hunting has proven to be successful with his recent discovery of a cache of Civil War-era artifacts. His preference for vintage equipment and techniques has not only added to the historical record but also showcased the effectiveness of his approach. Dave Wise's success also highlights the importance of clubs like The Relic Runners, which bring together relic hunting enthusiasts from around the world.

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