The Relic Hunters (USA)

Dave Wise is a member of The Relic Runners, a UK-based club dedicated to relic hunting. The club brings together enthusiasts from around the world and provides a platform for sharing information and experiences. The club also organizes events and competitions for its members. Dave Wise's recent discovery has brought attention to the club and its members, highlighting the importance of relic hunting as a hobby.

The Relic Hunters is a metal detecting club based in the United States. It is a community of metal detecting enthusiasts who share the same passion for the hobby. The club members go on regular metal detecting trips, where they search for valuable artifacts and relics from different historical periods. Tim Saylor is a member of The Relic Hunters and has been an active member for many years. The club members share their discoveries with each other and often collaborate on research projects to learn more about the historical significance of their finds.

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